Tuesday, 27 October 2009

6 Weeks of Web Design.

An anxious start to the begin 

of we

b design as I had initially thought it would be a lot of Flash based work and coding however to my surprise the first task was to set up this bloggy blog and create a flow chart for how to make a cup of tea.

Shortly after we where set the task of creating a flow chart to describe how a audience would navigate and interact with our web site this task made it much clearer in my head what I was after and how I a would design the site.


The next task was to create 3 basic designs for our website, me being the genius I am thought we had to create 3 layouts 1 of every page for one of our web designs. The idea was to initially make something horrible and disgusting for the website, however the following week I changed my mind for a simpler and slightly more attractive website. The change of website design was basically to try and represent where I am trying to go with design rather than where I currently am.

One thing I enjoyed about designing the web page is using everyday graphic design software this made it much easier to visualise what I was trying to create and produce.

The only problem I had with using the 

every day software was that the university illustrator was not happy visualising pixel based images, would then have a tantrum and crash so Photoshop was used to create the individual pages for the web site, the only problem with this was some of the lettering became blurred and smudged round the edges not as clean or sharp as I initially hoped for.

Slicing in the fireworks software was probably the easiest part of the process however after the slicing every thing became much harder. The biggest problem I had was trying to get light box coding to work, I spent a week trying to work out what I was doing wrong watched a number of tutorials used a variety of different coding to find I had just put my image files in the wrong folder so the Dreamweaver software could not find them. After this problem was overcome all the building blocks began to fall into place, all that is needed to be sorted out is the loading images and the little ‘X’ in the bottom right corner.


Now I have learned the basics I feel  I need to go back over my website and continue to update and refine my website before I finally publish it on the website once I can work out how to get the server to work. 

lightbox works

Finally light box works. Just.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

elephant dog

Dan showed me this picture not sure if i should use this as a portrait of myself or another slightly more appropriate image for this section?

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Thursday, 8 October 2009

kana praetud riis

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

2 sets of wire frames for possible web designs.